ggCircuit was started in 2008 and began as cooperative tournaments between centers in North America in 2008-2012. During that time we ran over $100,000 in tournaments in which centers could have local teams play on Saturday until they had a winner and then advance that winner to Sunday to play the other LAN center champions online.

In 2013 the difficulty in working with different centers all over the US frustrated us and ggCircuit was paused. During this year we began plans for developing software that would automate the process of tracking players in games at different LAN Centers.

In 2014 we spent thousands of hours in development of what is now the heart and soul of ggCircuit. Our theme and goal is AUTOMATION and we want everything to run without any extra work from LAN center staff.

While we started out to develop primarily an eSports platform, the project has ballooned into so much more for regular LAN center customers as well. We have centers all around the world participating in casual events, competitive events and providing their customers with the most advanced reward and redemption system in ANY business. I many times describe what we have have built as a massive Chuck E Cheese ticket and prize system for gamers.

In late 2015 we had difficulty working with all of the ancient management software systems in the industry so we began development on our own full functioning product. This would allow us to provide an end-to-end solution for centers. ggLeap was released into early access late in 2016 and now ggCircuit is included free with most of the ggLeap subscriptions.

In addition to ggLeap we also support two great partners for us at Gizmo ( and Cyber Planet ( Customers of either of those platforms can speak with those companies to get ggCircuit added onto their software solutions.

We would love to have any center, of any size, from anywhere in the world join us. Together we are much greater than we are by ourselves and the gaming industry is already starting to take notice of us!